President/Chief Executive Officer

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JOB TITLE: President/Chief Executive Officer

JOB SUMMARY: Plans, operates and controls the total business, profitability, return on invested capitol, establishing overall objectives, plans and policies. Represents the company with major customers, the financial community and the public.


  1. Assists Sales/Marketing in planning, directing and controlling overall sales functions.
  2. Exercises sales responsibilities where appropriate.
  3. Assists in planning, directing and controlling manufacturing, administrative and accounting functions
  4. Develops annual manufacturing and financial business plan.
  5. Determines, reviews and amends salaries and other remuneration of executive management.
  6. Reviews major contracts and determines final pricing.

The following pages will describe the details of the job duties and responsibilities.

  • Reviews operational reports and financial statements to be informed on current conditions and company performance.
  • Plans, directs and controls operations of the corporation and compliance with various government requirements. Signs all legal documents for the company.
  • Coordinates advertising activities with advertising needs of the company as determined by Sales/Marketing and dictated by the marketing plan.
  • Develops and updates ongoing marketing plan in which optimum growth and profitability potential will be identified and capitalized.
  • Responsible for research and development of new product lines and/or specialized equipment as determined by market research and the marketing pla
  • Manages the various operations of the company by supervising department heads who report directly to President. Conducts regular meetings. Conducts evaluation sessions with department heads. Conducts foremen/sales rep meetings when required. Determines, reviews and amends salaries and other remuneration of executive management.
  • Prepares company budgets by reviewing historical records, considering future projections and using department head's information
  • Determines and implements company policy by considering company objectives. Provides written communication to department heads and employees.
  • Operates within company budget by reviewing costs with department managers and controlling expenditures.
  • Maximizes profits through effective cost control and optimum pricing by conducting periodic rate studies, reviewing market price, quotations and selling price.
  • Stimulates good morale and attitude by promoting personal development and maintaining open communication with employees. Writes for company newsletter. Holds periodic meetings with employees.
  • Keeps the Board of Directors informed by preparing timely periodic reports and fulfilling specific requests for information. Plans and presides at stockholder/Board of Directors meetings. Responsible for minute books being complete and up to date.
  • Develops goals and objectives for subordinates and assists them in achieving theses goals. Meets periodically with Sales and Customer Service personnel, discusses personal goals and objectives as related to their jobs.
  • Plans for own replacement.
  • Participates in community affairs and industry affairs.


  • Instructs others in proper production operations and procedures.
  • Instructs on proper filing of paper work.


  • Communicates well with supervisors and subordinates.
  • Interprets instructions/Makes decisions.
  • Supervises others.
  • Performs the following safety responsibilities:
    • Monitors work conditions.
    • Demonstrates good safety attitude.
    • Performs/maintains good housekeeping.
  • Assists in job planning.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Comprehensive knowledge of printing and the graphic arts. Entrepreneurial spirit. Management and leadership skill.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Four-year college degree in Business, Management, Finance or related field or technical degree in Graphic Arts. 10+ years experience.

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