General Manager

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TITLE: General Manager

Plans, directs and coordinates all plant production and administrative operations in accordance with pre-established company objectives and policies.


  • Reports to the President/CEO.
  • Coordinates production activities with the production supervisors.
  • Projects scheduling needs and planning for the most efficient use of manpower, materials and equipment.
  • Develops and maintains an effective organization through the selection, training, compensation and motivation of all personnel.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations issued by OSHA, EPA, EEOC and other local, state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Administers the company's wage and salary administration program in cooperation with the Group Human Resources Department.
  • Counsels, disciplines and terminates employees in conjunction with their supervisor and human resources and reviews any complaints and/or grievances.
  • Handles customer complaints and follows through for customer satisfaction.
  • Reviews and evaluates expenditure requests submitted by subordinates handling those within authority and submitting others to appropriate management.
  • Provides accurate, reliable projections and reports to the President as required.
  • Ensures a program of preventive maintenance and equipment repair in accordance with production needs, plant regulations and objectives.
  • Participates in management meetings to assist in planning and to make recommendations on matters related to manufacturing, maintenance operations and sales.
  • Represents the interests of the plant and the company in the community.
  • Prepares annual budgets.
  • Meets and entertains customers and prospective customers as necessary.
  • Arbitrates production scheduling priority conflicts when required.
  • Assists marketing department in developing new products, selling prices and presentations.
  • Performs other duties as requested by the President.


  • Requires a bachelor's degree in industrial management or graphic arts or equivalent experience.
  • Requires at least five years printing experience including supervisory, production management or plant superintendent positions.
  • Requires the ability to efficiently operate a computer and to understand and correctly use the various items on the menu.
  • Requires a thorough knowledge of the printing industry, sales, budgeting and management techniques.
  • Because of the variety of contacts, requires a high degree of tact and diplomacy and a good sense of business etiquette.

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