Senior Accountant II

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POSITION TITLE: Senior Accountant
REPORTS TO: Director of Finance
FLSA: Exempt
DATE: June 2002

Provide the accounting support to give Management the information required for them to meet their objectives and goals.


  • Maintain the general ledger, including but not limited to:
    • Ensure posting of transactions accurately and on a timely basis.
      • Review journal entries of other department members prior to posting.
      • Monitor cutoffs for completion of work (i.e. daily, week end, month end, etc.)
    • Coordinate with Accounts Payable on appropriate posting of invoices.
      • Review invoice batches for account postings.
      • Consult with Accounts Payable Staff on questionable items.
    • Analyze accounts as needed to ensure accuracy and define transactions and their impact on the company.
      • Reconcile/review reconciliation's for adjustments.
      • Monitor accounts for unusual items/variances.
    • Provide back up to other Finance Department Staff as required.
  • Assist in the development of internal controls and monitor them for compliance with appropriate controls.
    • Prepare/review procedure documents. Assist in maintenance of policies and procedure manual.
    • Evaluate sufficiency of controls in place and investigate issues relating to lack of compliance.
  • Provide back up for Accounts Payable Lead in the area of payment of invoices, to include but not limited to:
    • Determine invoices requiring payment each week and ensure compliance with distribution policy.
    • Print checks/associated reports. Prepare checks for forwarding to proper staff for quality control.
    • Post manual checks, void checks and wire disbursements into payables systems.
  • Prepare general ledger for month end close, including but not limited to:
    • Prepare journal entries necessary.
      • Reconcile and adjust accounts assigned.
      • Review entries and reconciliation's for all accounts in general ledger.
    • Ensure all accounts are at proper balances, assisting Department members with issues/problems and evaluating variances from prior months/expected balances.
    • Maintain required timetable to complete month end activities, coordinate department's compliance.
  • Prepare and distribute financial statements.
    • Transfer general ledger information into financial statement format.
    • Review statements for variance to plan and prior year at both the dollar and percentage level.
    • Distribute financial information to designated staff, assisting them with understanding their data.
  • Coordinate and assist in preparation of financial reports and schedules.
    • Prepare reports/schedules and agree to financial statements/ general ledger.
    • Review reports for possible variances/issues that need to be addressed.
    • Evaluate reports for effectiveness and validity.
  • Assist in forecasting cash requirements, preparing budget and forecasts, preparing and collecting or required information for year-end audits/tax returns. As well as assist in maintaining organization of department and finance records and coordinating department activities to ensure timely and accurate completion.
  • Perform and aid in related duties and projects as assigned by the Director of Finance.


  • Work is done at a desk in an office environment; dress appropriate to business needs.
  • Daily functions require use of modern technology to include but not limited to: computers, printers, adding machines and calculators, fax machines, and telephones.
  • Moderate lifting may be involved.


  • 5+ years of diversified accounting experience.
  • Strong accounting skills.
  • Knowledge of computer-based accounting software.
  • Organized and detail-oriented.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Self-starter that can work well with others, as well as develop the skills and understanding of other department members and member of Management Team.
  • Multi-task.

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