Chief Financial Officer

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POSITION TITLE: Chief Financial Officer
SUPERVISOR FOR: Accountant/Adm. Assistant and Receptionist

Supervise daily financial/accounting and human resource operations. Develop and monitor job costing and cost accounting systems, sales commission programs and vendor negotiations. Maintain and manage employee benefit plans. Perform related administrative work as required.


  • Develop and maintain accounting systems, procedures, controls and reports necessary for recording financial transactions, control of assets, financial information and preparation of tax returns.
  • Supervise the preparation of monthly financial statements as well as the following reports: Sales-, cash-, receipts-, disbursements reports, accounts payable and accounts receivable, fixed asset changes. Review statements and reports for accuracy and completeness.
  • Develop and maintain job costing procedure.
  • Maintain and update Commercial Insurance.
  • Develop and supervise purchasing procedures.
  • Supervise accounts payable by approving all invoices and directing check preparation and disbursement.
  • Supervise record keeping regarding cash receipt journal, receipts against billing reconciliation and manage daily bank deposits.
  • Prepare monthly Sales and Use tax reports.
  • Develop, maintain and record inventory levels while reducing non-moving inventory.
  • Review issuance of customer invoices. Maintain sales journals.
  • Record accounts receivable and issue statements to past due accounts.
  • Control credit extension to customers, supervisor collection of past due accounts.
  • Supervise and review payroll preparation and distribution.
  • Develop and monitor sales commission program.
  • Supervise non-exempt payroll record maintenance and maintain certain exempt payroll records. Review payroll tax deposits and reports.
  • Responsible for supervision and evaluation of accounting and administrative staff.
  • Research, develop and maintain employee benefits including:
    • 401K retirement plan
    • health, vision and dental benefits
    • life and disability insurance
    • Flex Plan
  • Assist employees with benefit concerns or questions.
  • Develop and maintain employee personnel files.
  • Develop and maintain safety program incl. MSDS (Material Safety Data System) records.
  • Develop and maintain accounting for XXXXXX LLC.


  • BBA in Accounting
  • CPA or CMA
  • 3 years accounting and supervisory experience

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