Accounting Assistant (A/R)

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POSITION TITLE: Accounting Assistant (A/R)
REPORTS TO: Controller

SUMMARY: Assists Controller in credit approval and collections. Daily invoicing and posting of cash receipts.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Including the following. Other duties may be assigned)

  1. Know and observe all safety rules.
  2. Research and credit check for all new customers.
  3. Report findings to controller. Assist controller in establishing credit limits for new customers.
  4. Notify account managers and sales personnel of credit status, terms, and credit limit.
  5. Ongoing maintenance of credit files.
  6. Review customer accounts on a daily basis. Monitor account balances, reporting to controller when customer balance is beyond terms, or exceeds established credit limit.
  7. Follow up with customer regarding past due accounts, as directed by controller. Report results to controller. Maintain and distribute Past-Due List to specific accounts.
  8. Preliminary evaluation of all customer purchase orders to establish credit status of accounts. Research and credit check for all quotations to non-active accounts, reporting findings to controller prior to release of quotation to customer.
  9. Assist controller in preparation of a list of accounts that are on credit hold. Calculate COD/CWO invoice totals for CSR/Sales. Distribution of list to Sales and Shipping on a weekly schedule as directed.
  10. Daily preparation of bank deposits, application of cash to customers accounts. Preparation and distribution of monthly statements to customers.
  11. Maintain customer accounts, issue credits, prepare and distribute credit memos to customers.
  12. Determine tax exempt status of new accounts. Maintain tax exempt certificate file for existing accounts.
  13. Generate invoices and make change order adjustments to invoices.
  14. Handle Purchase/lease of all office equipment and supplies.


  1. Back up for Accounts Payable
  2. Daily trips to bank and post office.

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