ISO 2846 Conformance Tested Ink & Suppliers

Below is a list of products that have been Printing Industries of America ISO 2846 Conformance Tested with the most recent tested ink at the top of the list.

1 - ISO 2846-1, Sheetfed/Heatset Web
2 - ISO 2846-2, Coldset/Newspaper
3 - ISO 2846-3, Gravure
4 - ISO 2846-4, Screen
5 - ISO 2846-5, Flexo

If you are an ink supplier and would like your inks listed here, contact us for more information on ISO 2846 Ink Conformance Testing at labservices [at] or view our informational flyer.

Company Latest Certification Website
Ink Systems Inc. 04/20/2016
Kwang Myung Ink Co. Ltd. 03/31/2016
Dong Yang Ink 02/11/2016
Ganri Development Co., Ltd. 01/04/2016
Sanchez, S.A. de C.V. 06/23/2015
AS Inc Co., Ltd 04/22/2015
Korea Printing Ink 03/30/2015
Guangzhou Hangzhou Toka Ink Co., LTD. 09/05/2014
Megami Corporation / The Oldham Group (distributor) 07/14/2014
Tianjin Angel Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. 04/24/2014
J.M. Fry Printing Inks 02/13/2014
New Light Co., Ltd 08/15/2013
Press Color Inks 05/10/2013
Precision Ink Corporation 05/08/2013
Toyo Ink America, LLC 03/22/2013
Tianjin Toyo Ink CO., LTD 03/06/2013
Tung-Ming Printing Ink Co., Ltd. 01/18/2013
Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America 10/22/2012
Scott Printing Ink, LLC 08/20/2012
Jinan Crown Ink Co., Ltd. 04/10/2012
Central Ink Corporation 03/20/2012
DIC Graphics Hong Kong 12/22/2011
Heidelberg USA, Inc. 12/21/2011
Colour-Mix Ink and Chemical Co. LTD 12/15/2011
Graphic Ink Systems, Inc. 11/17/2011