InterTech™ Application Timeline

Do you have an innovative technology (or product that uses an innovative technology) that should be considered for an InterTech Award? If the technology is currently available or will be commercially released and in use by the application deadline, then use the following timetable to submit your entry.

February 2017

Establish an account on the redesigned awards website and become familiar with the process for entering. 

Make contact with a few users of your technology and request testimonial letters from them. You will need at least three testimonial letters as part of your entry. The users can be anywhere in the world, although the letters must be written in or translated to English. It is suggested that you contact your users as early as possible and follow up with them often to insure you will have your testimonial letters in time for the June 1 application deadline.

March 31, 2017

Early bird discount deadline. Any entries paid for by this date will receive a $500 discount on the entry fee for a total of $1,500 per entry. You do not have to complete the submission by March 31, only pay for the entry. Payment received after this date will be charged the regular fee of $2,000 per entry. Payment can be made online via credit card (click on InterTech Technology Award) or by check or wire transfer. Online payments are through the Printing Industries of America's store.

If you have not already preparing the material for your entry, this is the month to begin putting together the various documents you'll need. It is essential that you clearly explain why your  technology is innovative.  

May 2017

You should be working on your application. See the InterTech Application Requirements Page for a preview of what will be required. Your entry is submitted by placing it in a secure Dropbox folder that we have set up for you. Please contact us for a link to your Dropbox folder.

June 2, 2017

Final application deadline. Your entry must be submitted by this date. If you chose to pay by check or wire transfer, payment must be received by today for your entry to be eligible for judging.

July 2017

InterTech Award judging occurs during the month of July. All award applicants will be notified no later than July 21, 2017 of their award status.