XP Series™ LED-UV Curing Modules

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XP Series™ LED-UV Curing Modules


AMS Spectral UV—A Baldwin Technology Company

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XP Series(tm) LED-UV Curing Modules enable faster production speeds, lower energy consumption, and can overcome other challenges of traditional UV and IR systems. A patented optic system ensures uniform light distribution and modules integrate readily onto new and used presses. One judge commented, "This is absolutely a leap forward from traditional UV curing."

The engineering team at AMS Spectral UV set out to create a system that would provide a safer, faster, and more energy efficient means of curing. The result of their efforts were the XP Series LED-UV Curing modules that deliver high intensity curing energy from a compact solidstate device that is simple to install and use.

The LED-UV curing modules eliminate the need for powders and spray coatings with sheetfed offset printing. They allow for faster maximum print speeds for increased operational productivity. A safer work environment is a result of the elimination of ozone emissions and the need for exhaust systems.

XP Series(tm) Curing Modules offer an unsegmented, solid form factor from a single unit per print station rather than multiple modules that "daisy-chain" together.

They can be installed on new or used presses that require curing systems. The modules are liquid cooled and have no moving parts that might lead to costly downtime and maintenance. Modules can last more than 30,000 hours, eliminating the need to frequently replace bulbs while providing unprecedented curing consistency. The individually replaceable LED chip diodes provide assurance of system uptime and upgradeability as needed.

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