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Xerox® iGen 5 Press


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The Xerox(r) iGen 5 brings new enhancements to one of the most available and productive digital press platforms in the industry. The press is among the most productive digital presses on the market, thanks to unprecedented levels of automation and intelligence built into the press from end-to-end.

The automation features include closed-loop technologies and press routines that not only provide feedback to the operator but automatically correct the system. These technologies include the Color Maintenance Tool, Auto Carrier Dispense, Auto Density Control, and the Auto Image-on-Paper Registration Tool. The Xerox(r) iGen 5 Press unites all the elements of the previous versions of the iGen family into a single, ultimately configurable platform. This new press architecture lets customers choose the exact configuration they need to succeed. They can choose the speed (90, 120, or 150 letter/A4 equivalent impressions per minute), the number of colors (four or five print stations), and the feeding and finishing options that best suit their needs.

There is also an optional Thick Stock Capability that expands the iGen 5 Press's already wide media latitude up to a 24 pt (610 microns or approximately 530 gsm). This next generation kit enables a single system to print from 60 gsm to approximately 530 gsm with little downtime. The iGen 5 Press's new architectures also enables the option for a fifth color that dramatically increases the ability of users to match a wider variety of PANTONE colors. The ability to quickly load orange, green, or blue as a supplement to CMYK extends the press's gamut and makes it easy to match a wider variety of spot colors--helping users' ability to keep print buyers on-brand. A typical CMYK process (ink or toner) can match about 55%-60% of the PANTONE Library within 3dE; the iGen 5 with the three gamut extending colors can hit 91percent of the Pantone library within 3dE.

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