Traying on Press System (TOPS) with Ultra HD Resolution

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Traying on Press System (TOPS) with Ultra HD Resolution


Buck Automation

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Addressed mail needs to be sorted, trayed, and palletized to USPS-DMM standards. Addressing direct-mail pieces on press is not the solution hoped for since, once addressed, traying requires slowing the press down or 10 to 30 man-hours of offline traying for every hour of printing. TOPS(tm) overcomes this challenge. TOPS automatically trays addressed direct-mail inline with your web press. Press speeds can be more than 500,000 pieces per hour or 200 pieces per second. A new mail tray can fill as fast as once every second.

As mail trays come off your press, the prepared mail is palletized and taken directly to the shipping area. This substantially reduces the time to get direct-mail jobs into the mail stream. TOPS combines two very different departments at the end of the press. First the usual and necessary web operator's needs are addressed. Press waste and print samples are handled automatically by procedure and equipment. Next, the necessary mailroom procedures for processing direct mail to the USPS standards are accommodated inline with your press.

The postal zip-code tray breaks are always correct with TOPS since no printed marks are required on the printed/addressed mail piece and therefore there are no mark-sensors to adjust or fail. Integrity sensors monitor and control the process flow of material. Your customer's mail is untouched by human hands.

Direct mail has many variations and rate classes that must be automatically taken into account. This requires automating all the details. The "System" part of TOPS ties together all the press components to minimize, track, and dispose of waste to the individual addressed mail piece level.

TOPS delivers the three things your direct-mail print buyers desire:

  1. Reduced cycle time
  2. 100% integrity
  3. 100% accuracy

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