PRISMAsync Advanced Color Management Profiling and Calibration Engine

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PRISMAsync Advanced Color Management Profiling and Calibration Engine


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Calibration is the foundation upon which digital print is built. It's the starting point for all operations, daily print, output profiling, proofing, and job reprints. Historically, digital printer calibration varied by manufacturer. G7(r) calibration with its roots in lithography wasn't originally designed for digital printing and no digital front end (DFE) was able to use a G7 curve as the base calibration. The only way to achieve a G7 state was to apply the G7 correction to aprofiling target; this method was complicated and time-intensive.

Drawing on the idea that digital press calibration should be a simple procedure that every operator can execute, Canon is the first digital press provider to implement G7 calibration directly at the DFE and PRISMAsync Color Print Server is the first DFE-embedded Idealliance G7 Certified System.

G7 calibration has for years been the de facto standard in offset printing. Canon, with its own developed calibration engine, has embraced this standard for calibration of the PRISMAsync family of color print servers. Instead of the traditional, complicated method, Canon created a unique, simple, wizard-driven procedure and software embedded in the PRISMAsync color print server to remove virtually all of the challenges to G7 calibration for a digital device.

To further empower customers to higher levels of quality, Canon has included a profiling engine to create output profiles, either to achieve G7 targeted or color space conformance, or simply to create an output profile in order to improve gamut and consistency for in-house goals. These DFE-based tools require no additional training for the average end user to achieve high standards of quality and consistency. No additional investment in software, hardware, or training is required. This increased user convenience is expected to vastly increase the accessibility of G7 calibration for printers using digital presses and decrease barriers to profile creation for all users.

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