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ORIS Flex Pack // Web Visualizer


CGS Publishing Technologies International, LLC

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ORIS Flex Pack // Web Visualizer is a proofing and prototyping system for mockups of flexible packaging, labels, shrink sleeves, folding cartons, and containers, regardless of the final printing process. Utilizing the ORIS color management system, a Roland eco-solvent printer, ORIS XG (extended gamut) inks, and CGS substrates, users can produce color accurate proofs and prototypes of proposed packaging designs from 3D design to final prototype.

CGS Publishing Technologies has created a solution to the difficult and expensive proofing process in consumer packaging that is efficient, accurate, and cost effective. With color management being one of the most important aspects of packaging, ORIS color management uses an iterative process to measure, profile, calibrate, and maintain consistent color output on proofing devices--simulating press output for accurate color proofing and prototyping results. The simple user interface can be used by operators with a basic understanding of color principles, but does not require advanced color expertise. ORIS uses spectral measurement of ISO-standard targets to precisely define and manage color output.

The ORIS XG inks have been specifically formulated for proofing applications on the Roland printer. They include a redefined CMYK ink set, plus ORIS extendedgamut orange and green inks. The resulting color gamut is sufficiently large enough to encompass almost all Pantone and other brand spot colors and to simulate all packaging-related print conditions. CGS also offers a variety of custom substrates for ORIS Flex Pack // Web Visualizer output on Roland printers, including glossy and semi-matte paper and cardboard, clear film, embossing foil, various metallic films, adhesive white vinyl and polyester, and clear polyester shrink foil. For media not encompassed by these materials, CGS also offers ORIS Transfer Film, a color-neutral media that can be laminated onto metal and other printing stock substrates.

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