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Open XM/PersonalEffect TransMedia



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Providing an integrated and consistent brand experience across all channels, with no trade-off in presentation or design, is XMPie's objective. The software is engineered to provide openness for developers of digital media to use any web design or web development environment.

Open XM is presented as the new technological foundation for personalizing the online touch points of a multichannel campaign that now powers XMPie's Cross Media Product, PersonalEffect TransMedia, an all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and monitoring multichannel 1:1 campaigns. This fully integrated solution controls all touch points across all media: print, email, Web, and SMS for the production of sophisticated cross media campaigns that offer complete brand control and messaging synchronization regardless of communication channel.

As a reflection of the fact that print design today is almost exclusively done using Adobe software, for all print campaign touch points, XMPie personalization software is integrated into the Adobe Creative Tool Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop).

Digital design, on the other hand, has no single exclusive design tool that everyone uses universally. Therefore, for this product upgrade, we have rethought our approach to digital personalization and designed a ground breaking new technology--Open XM.

Open XM provides a technology stack for accessing the XMPie personalization engine for the purpose of creating personalized digital touchpoints. Open XM does not force the use of an XMPie proprietary design tool for the online touch points, rather it can be used with any of the latest web design tools and development environments.

Importantly the personalized content in every touch point--both print and digital--is always synchronized perfectly with each using the same database and logic rules, and the user experience can be the most advanced and creatively compelling for each media type.

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