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Meteor Unlimited Colors


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Based on the original MGI iFOIL award-winning technology, the iFOIL T is a digital toner foiling solution for the postpress print enhancement market. MGI Meteor digital presses can be fully integrated with the iFOIL T module to create a Meteor Unlimited Colors inline printing & foiling solution. Print Service Providers (PSPs) are now able to produce output with a virtually unlimited number of colors via the blending of CMYK toner and the reflective qualities of foil film, including a rainbow spectrum of hues with metallic, glitter, and holographic effects.

The Meteor Unlimited Colors system uses a 100 percent digital production process. This unique integrated printing press and postpress foiling system eliminates the cost and need for die making, screens and traditional makeready setup times and waste. A wide variety of standard market foils--colors, patterns, and designs--can be used to create brilliant special effects in a single pass. Since MGI does not impose click charges on Meteor presses, multiple passes can be cost-effectively used to create remarkable toner-over-foil blends of color and light on a diverse range of substrates including uncoated and coated paper, laminated surfaces, plastics, and many other synthetic materials.

The iFOIL T module connects inline with MGI Meteor Presses. Printing jobs can be embellished with the original foil color via a fusion of toner and foil adhesion to the substrate surface. Applications include logos, shapes, text, lines, and highlights.

With no click charges involved, printers can also overprint the foil applied during the first pass with another application of CMYK toner to create a limitless kaleidoscope of tints and hues, as well as precise spot coats to match colors generated from other environments.

The light-reflecting qualities of gold and silver foil provide a powerful foundation for expanding the gamut of effects to a virtually unlimited color range.

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