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MegaEdit is the flagship solution of the Infigo Software range, which delivers flexibility and functionality within the web-to-print marketplace. Designed by print professionals applying technical knowledge and experience, this online design tool offers an extensive range of editing capabilities which can be used for photo book creation to complex multipage documents. This allows businesses to expand their online offerings while increasing profitability. The HTML5 editor is fully responsive, meaning it is accessible on all devices through a standard browser.

MegaEdit can be used in both B2B and B2C environments. In the business-to-business market, the system administrator can customize the template so that certain elements are locked down, and therefore the end user will still adhere to the brand guidelines. The business-to-consumer user can exploit a blank canvas to achieve any design they wish by taking advantage of the rich palette of text and image controls including image FX and photo filters, clip art galleries, image masks, and layering.

Due to the browser-based nature, it eliminates the need to download an application that often has to adhere to hardware specifications and requirements. Hosted in the cloud with expandable architecture, the MegaEdit platform is an enterprise level solution that can adapt to any size business.

Personalization is at the heart of MegaEdit. Infigo stresses how malleable MegaEdit is as an integrated solution. The extensive API allows for third party vendors to easily integrate with MegaEdit. This can range from MIS providers through to segregated data feeds enhancing both the printer's and the end user's experience.

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