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Konica Minolta / MGI Digital Technology

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The JETVarnish 3DS was designed and manufactured by MGI and Konica Minolta to help printers expand their services to include new spot UV and 3D tactile varnishing capabilities with powerful inkjet productivity and efficiency benefits.

The JETVarnish 3DS digital spot UV coater was designed by MGI exclusively for Konica Minolta. The JETVarnish 3DS will make the popular 3D tactile varnish finish available to all digital printers in the market who print on widths up to 14-in. (36 cm).

The JETVarnish 3DS can turn regular print jobs into high-margin spot UV jobs, or even higher margin 3D embossed jobs. The JETVarnish 3DS has production speeds up to 3,000 sheets per hour based on 30-micron coating thickness. With the ability to varnish up to 100 microns for 3D raised effects and tactile finishes, the JETVarnish 3DS can transform 2D flat surfaces into textured sensory experiences.

JETVarnish 3DS can easily be adapted to individual customer needs. The embossing is created by stacking varnish drops, which are instantly frozen by UV curing. Unlike conventional processes, the back of the sheet is not marked by the embossing.

Variable data printing. Unlike traditional technologies for Spot UV coating, JETVarnish 3DS has a barcode reader option that is 100% compatible for variable-data printing of text and images.

Production Software Suite. Designed for streamlining and facilitating production, the package includes three main modules: 3DS HubManager, Spot Varnish Editor, and Production Cost Analyzer.

3DS HubManager. With simple touchscreen control, the 3DS HubManager lets operators monitor jobs, manage the queue, create job tickets, launch reprints, and adjust the ARC system.

Spot Varnish Editor. User-friendly Spot Varnish Editor software lets the JETVarnish 3DS operator perform final touch-up of graphic files (5th color).

Production Cost Analyzer. For each file that is spot-coated, this powerful calculator can anticipate the exact quantity of varnish required and the cost of the upcoming production run.

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