KODAK NEXPRESS Opaque White Dry Ink

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KODAK NEXPRESS Opaque White Dry Ink


Eastman Kodak Company

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KODAK NEXPRESS Opaque White Dry Ink with Auto-White Blend functionality enables KODAK NEXPRESS presses to include white to a CMYK image by simply updating a job ticket. The job ticket uses a Kodak algorithm within the DeviceLink profile, which allows for ease of use. Once it's updated, the software adds white ink to the CMYK image, placing different levels of white ink in such a manner that it appears to the eye that the white ink is placed first on the sheet. But the technology prints the white on the sheet last. By introducing white later during printing, the press uses less white ink, which saves both time and money while also allowing printers to include white in more jobs. Users do not need to switch between normal paper substrate and special effect substrate or create a separate file if they use the Opaque White Dry Ink. Additionally, this product introduces white ink to the printed materials in an easy way that reduces the need for extra design or prepress efforts. Opaque White Dry Ink works on craft, pastel, metallic, and transparent stocks, allowing the production of impactful pieces at less cost.

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