KODAK Extended Life Imaging Cylinder

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KODAK Extended Life Imaging Cylinder


Eastman Kodak Company

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The Extended Life Imaging Cylinder replaces the former Imaging Cylinders on the KODAK NEXPRESS Press (a total of 5 cylinders, one per color), raising the average life of a cylinder to 740,000 A4-equivalent pages, a 68% increase. The new design features a charge transport layer coating that is more durable and wear resistant. Imaging cylinders on NEXPRESS presses receive an image via LED exposure on their charged surface. This surface attracts the dry ink to it and transfers it to a blanket cylinder before transferring onto the substrate to be printed. This technology bolsters the ability of the press to print for longer print runs while maintaining high quality and consistency and reduces running costs making it more competitive for longer run lengths compared to offset litho or inkjet technologies. The Extended Life Imaging Cylinder is compatible with all NEXPRESS Presses in the field, meaning that even an older press can benefit from the lower running cost that these new cylinders provide. This extends the life of the presses while providing an updated, more cost-effective cylinder.

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