JUST LED moduLight Dual Illuminant D50/D65

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JUST LED moduLight Dual Illuminant D50/D65


JUST Normlicht, Inc.

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The JUST LED moduLight provides flexible viewing conditions for the evaluation of printed materials exceeding International Standards Organization (ISO) 3664:2009. The technology combines hardware, software, and optical advancements to address limitations of conventional LEDs and fluorescent fixtures, providing the precision and repeatability required when viewing printing on a variety of substrates and varied ink types. The luminaires are available in a variety of configurations including overhead luminaires, tabletop viewers, viewing booths, and viewing walls.

The technology uses multiple arrays of LEDs manufactured to reproduce different portions of the light spectrum. These chips are combined and controlled during the manufacturing and assembly process to ensure output accuracy and are further calibrated with a process that tunes each fixture. The optical path is engineered to properly mix and distribute light to achieve ISO standards for spectral power distribution and illumination uniformity.

The multi-step calibration process ensures stable color characteristics, regardless of the fixture's dimming level, and a USB interface enables users to easily adjust brightness between a monitor and the LED lamp to match viewing conditions. To further improve price and performance, the JUST LED moduLight combines a CIE D50/D65 switchable light source and the ability to enable/disable UV content on either light source, allowing a single fixture to support multiple viewing standards. In comparison to other LED technologies, the JUST LED moduLight technology conforms to the CIE D50 illuminant more precisely and is the first product to achieve the critical ISO 3664:2009 standard.

Versus conventional fluorescent tubes, which must be replaced every 2,500 hours, output of the JUST LED moduLight is guaranteed for six years or 50,000 hours. This longevity reduces costs associated with replacement lamps, maintenance, and labor to track lamp hours. Additionally, light output quantity and quality remain constant during the entire product lifespan and lamps do not require preheating or warm-up periods prior to use. LED luminairies are more efficient to produce than fluorescent tubes and don't generate or require disposal of toxic mercury waste. Because of these inefficiencies, a move to LED lighting fixtures like the JUST LED moduLight seems all but certain.

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