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For printing businesses, evaluating presses can feel like a headache. One printer noted that comparing presses felt like comparing "apples and oranges." Sure, looking at specs gives companies an idea what each press can offer, but that means little when a business tries to understand which product is better for its unique needs. Even when considering purchase price, operating costs, and image quality, printers felt overwhelmed by the differences among presses. They sometimes even selected the wrong press because they simply felt like they didn't have the right tools to select the proper printer.

The Image Test Labs ImageGrader Application Suite takes all the guesswork out of evaluating different types of presses. The suite provides a scientific evaluation of a device's performance, which ensures images of the highest quality in the way that makes the most sense for each company.

ImageGrader works by using patented image grading technology, which uses an expanding database of runs on dozens of press models, including desktop to superwide, using offset, flexo, inkjet, and toner technologies. ImageGrader scores print runs by using the image test output from the printer and analyzing the image quality into scores based on two dozen quality factors. The scores are combined into categories and the overall and category scores are weighted to increase the significance of low grades.

ImageGrader shows scores in three different ways to ensure ease in understanding. The "school report card" gives a press an "A," "B," or "C" for each characteristic. Additionally, the ImageGrader offers category and overall assessment and also histograms that compare press scores. The latter compares current scores to historical scores to provide in-depth understanding of the current technology.

Using ImageGrader to assess presses allows companies to ensure that their presses are working optimally for their individual business models. The ImageGrader Suite helps customers to evaluate individual presses, press model performance, the value of upgrades, and spot the need for service.

The judges were won over by the system's ability to pinpoint imaging problems by comparing performance to like presses in the database and, when possible, suggest fixes.

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