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Inca Scaleable Architecture


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The Scaleable Architecture platform for Inca Onset largeformat flatbed UV printers uses an modular design that gives users the power to evolve the productivity and color specifications of their printers on-site, allowing them to pick the right model at the best price to match their budgets and changing business needs.

By designing a new modular Onset platform using a common footprint with the ability to adapt ink tanks, printheads, UV curing lamps, automation, speed modes, electronics, and software, there is versatility in high-end flatbed printing. Inca incorporates hardware and software technologies that have been developed to deliver exceptional quality, reliability, and productivity. These include:

  • iNozzle mapping, sophisticated drive and control electronics
  • A zoned vacuum table to reduce bed masking requirements and, consequently, reducing set-up time for thin substrates
  • A UV sensor system that accurately monitors printer condition
  • Substrate height detectors to prevent contact with--or damage to--the printheads.

Onset Scaleable Architecture allows companies to keep pace with future developments. It allows them to tailor the best printer for their initial requirements, but with considerable flexibility to convert quality, speed, and ink options when they wish. For example, a company with a 4-color, manual, 3,229 sfph, or a six-color, semi-automatic, 6,028 sfph printer can add or swap colors up to a total of eight in a variety of combinations, including lights and whites. They can also boost productivity speeds in increments up to a maximum 7,803 sfph as their print volumes grow.

Furthermore, the new Onset Scaleable Architecture design enables Inca to streamline manufacturing, reducing lead time from order to build by 25 percent, allowing Inca to respond more quickly to market demand.

Onset Scaleable Architecture is a dynamic future-proof technology that protects a company's investment by providing a highly flexible production center that can grow and change with their business. Rather than investing in a new printer, a print provider can spend much less money--and save much less time--transforming a printer to a 'new', upgraded model rather than purchasing a completely new machine.

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