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Today, the only way for print service providers to compete is to move faster than their customers. Still, outdated, manual, and inefficient print production processes are holding print service providers back from capturing the full scope of the digital opportunity. To cope with increasingly demanding jobs, implementing a digital workflow solution is critical to a service provider's growth and success. The Cloud-based HP PrintOS print production operating system is a technological advance that helps providers apply a digital work style.

HP PrintOS and its powerful applications are used to get more out of HP presses and printers, simplify and automate print production processes, and collaborate in new ways in order to grow. HP PrintOS is a Cloudbased platform designed for print service providers. The platform operates by linking together print specific applications to give print service providers a comprehensive toolset to manage their print operations, productivity, efficiency, and consistency. The completely customizable system allows print service providers to pick and choose the applications/capabilities that will best fit their business. PrintOS provides users with information about their presses and printers and an update on jobs all in RECIPIENTS one convenient location, eliminating the need for multiple points of contact. Additionally, the PrintOS system can be operated by nearly anyone and from any connected device with minimal IT resources and knowledge.

The PrintOS Print Beat app provides users with an informed look into their operations to make smarter, informed decisions in real-time and change behavior based on personal advice that proactively suggests actions to improve quality and productivity. Another example is the PrintOS Box app, which shortens print file exchange, validation, and preflight, while improving client communication. Additionally, PrintOS Box provides a user-friendly file uploading area for client work and routes these files directly to production, reducing overhead and allowing printers to increase capacity and profitability. The PrintOS Site Flow is yet another powerful app that streamlines order submission, printing, and delivery to fulfill thousands of orders. Other applications offered on PrintOS include Substrate Manager for consistent color across different substrates, and Composer for complex variable-data job creation, leveraging the PrintOS cloud servers.

Currently, PrintOS offers eleven different applications, which together support nearly every aspect of print production and empower print services providers to fully take control of their print business from start to finish.

Judges expect PrintOS and the array of affordable apps to be especially attractive to print service providers that currently don't own production management software solutions (it's available to HP customers with active service contracts).

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