HP PageWide Web Press T490 HD

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HP PageWide Web Press T490 HD


HP, Inc.

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The 40-inch HP PageWide T490HD press breaks down some of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of digital inkjet printing: speed and high-definition resolution narrowing the gap between digital and offset press capabilities. HP's High Definition Nozzle Architecture, ColorBoost technology, and in-line priming has improved quality and production capacity.

The High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) featured in the T490HD allows printers to print at 1,000 feet per minute at 1,200 nozzles per inch (8,700 US letter images per minute) or at 500 feet per minute at 2,400 nozzles per inch (4,350 US letter images per minute). This is as much as a 67% increase in speed over previous T400 series presses. HDNA enhances image quality in skin tones, shadow detail, and solid tint areas. Print service providers can change these settings on a jobby-job basis. HP's ColorBoost technology provides an expansion of the color gamut of between 5-10% using existing CMYK inks, reducing client issues with color matching.

Additionally, the inclusion of in-line priming and enhanced drying features boosts the T490HD's flexibility and speed. In-line priming allows for expanded media compatibility including non-inkjet treated media and the option for both coated (gloss or matte) offset media and uncoated media. The HL10+ Enhanced Dryer increases productivity by reducing drying time up to 20% from traditional three-zone drying systems. T400 series press can be upgraded to the T490HD by technicians on-site limiting costly downtime for removal and replacement of equipment.

The press can print both sides of the web, inspect in-line, and use dual-roll winders with automated splicing for non-stop production. Judges saw the significantly increased speed and resolution of this 40" HP PageWide inkjet web press as an unmistakable innovation, one that combines customized print at a throughput of traditional color offset presses.

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