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HP Indigo 50000 Digital Press


HP Indigo

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The HP Indigo 50000 Digital Press combines Indigo's known print quality with economies of scale. This oversized B1 (29.3 x 44 inch image size) duplex roll-fed press enables print companies to produce digitally what today is produced only via offset. The HP Indigo 50000 is aimed for high quality large volume jobs, such as photobooks, cards, magazines, and publishing. It is the most productive Indigo press to date, capable of printing up to 24 million A4 color pages per month, 770 duplex color pages per minute, and 2300 ppm in monochrome. It meets the needs of large print service providers for high-coverage, high-page count creative designs, and because of its in-line priming unit, can handle virtually any paper type (coated, uncoated, glossy, matte, and even recycled). The press has an integrated spectrophotometer at both printing engines to maintain a precise color match between both sides, incorporates new print screens for smoother skin tones, and can print up to seven colors.

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