Heidelberg Prinect Press Center XL 2 with Intellistart 2

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Heidelberg Prinect Press Center XL 2 with Intellistart 2



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The Prinect Press Center XL 2 with Intellistart 2 changes the paradigm of offset press operation. The technology integrates a Heidelberg offset press with software to run a "Push to Stop" workflow that results in a highlyautomated printing process. With this innovation, a Speedmaster XL press operating in Push to Stop mode takes all job parameters into account, presets functions of the press, initiates the run, adjusts registration, and makes other changes without operator intervention. "The 'Push to Stop' approach is a game changer, dramatically improving throughput," said a judge.

Intellistart 2 is the key component of this new functionality, which combines data, mechanics, and intelligent software to define and execute the fastest changeover sequence possible. The Prinect Press Center XL 2 with Intellistart 2 with Push to Stop shows significant improvements in total output from the press and the number of makereadies that can be completed, increasing output from the machine by 25 percent. The press automatically starts print production and also autonomously decides when the defined quality parameters have been achieved to start good sheet production, inserting a tab to separate waste from good sheets.

Automatic makeready is completed by the press using patented technology to optimize, complete, and manage the entire job sequence via Process View. All the steps needed are automatically calculated, regardless of the complexity of change between jobs. The press starts production at the end of makeready including coming up to the target color, adjusting color, and registering to defined preset tolerances. Following the completion of the good sheets, the press initiates the automatic cleaning of rollers and blankets, removes the used plates, and mounts the plates for the next job. Imagine the benefits to productivity and profitability with over 20 jobs seamlessly running consecutively without the operator having to stop the press.

In short, this technology takes operators out of the machine-tweaking routine and gives them significant new roles in managing the print process or as pressroom quality monitors.

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