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The Heidelberg CO2 Calculator, an easy-to-use, customizable, online tool determines the CO2 footprint of any print project and allows acquiring the matching amount of carbon offsets.

The Heidelberg CO2 calculator accounts for all steps from prepress to delivery. It enables any printer/converter to:

  • Provide print buyers with an understanding of the carbon footprint of their print project. With just a few keystrokes, and in no time, a reliable footprint for any print project is calculated.
  • Demonstrate how changing specifications can influence the total carbon footprint. Printers can generate "what-if" scenarios with the Heidelberg CO2 Calculator, thereby revealing the impact of different substrates, inks, coatings, finishing options and run lengths, etc. on the project's overall carbon footprint.
  • Provide a cost for or even acquire the corresponding carbon offsets for the print project. If required, the printer offsets the footprint in the tool and receives a "Print CO2 neutral" logo and a verifiable certificate number to apply to the printed product. Thanks to a prepaid account the printer can offset even small projects with no additional transactional costs.

The Heidelberg CO2 Calculator employs a third-party (Fraunhofer Institute "Umsicht") certified carbon-balancing model - the first of its kind in the North American market, and the first such tool certified to comply with the latest ISO standards (14040, 14044, 14067-1 and -2, 16759). Most Heidelberg equipment data is preloaded; others can be added manually.

The results include the impact of all processes and products used for a given project, taking into account for instance the transport of materials, the substrate, chemistry used in press and prepress, as well as finishing and recycling procedures.

The Heidelberg CO2 Calculator provides printers an opportunity to become a true environmental consultant to their customers.

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