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The Esko XPS Crystal offers improved flexo plate printing consistency and quality by utilizing an innovative UV LED exposure technology. Plate consistency is a key factor in achieving and maintaining optimal print quality with flexo plates, but inconsistent light sources and variable timing between back and main exposures had limited achievable quality, which the XPS Crystal addresses. The system comes with pre-programmed main exposure parameters for a multitude of popular compatible flexo plates.

Unlike traditional light apparatus, the LED UV light technology provides a consistent light source and nearly concurrent back and main exposure to deliver relief and image consistency combined with perfectly formed flattop dots. Additionally, UV LEDs do not need warm-up time like traditional light bulbs. Most manual steps in the process are automated with the Esko XPS Crystal system. After measuring floor thicknesses and inputting those values, the software is able to interpolate the exposure setting needed to deliver any relief the operator desires. For the back exposure, the operator performs a step test by processing the plate, measuring the plate thickness, and entering the data into the system. Operators enter the desired relief depth and the system determines the correct exposure based on the step test.

The XPS Crystal user interface makes operating the machine relatively easy. When connected to the CDI, the entire imaging and exposure process can be completely automated, cutting operator intervention time in half. In addition, works in progress, job status, and queues are shown on screen, limiting the need for highly experienced operator oversight.

Time saved because of the consistency and long life of LEDs, automated manual steps, and workflow management help printing companies reduce lead times, achieve better quality, and cut plate remakes.

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