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EFI DirectSmile Cross Media


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There is no question that the demand for effective cross-media communications is growing, both from the perspective of recipients who prefer to receive only relevant communications and marketers who need to deliver those relevant communications to better meet recipients' needs and gain better campaign results.

EFI DirectSmile Cross Media is a unique, fully featured, all-in-one solution that requires no HTML skills and offers many benefits, including:

  • An easy-to-learn toolset with a browser-based Design Editor for all media
  • Robust personalization for all media, including print
  • Mass email/SMS messaging as well as individually triggered messages with the ability to integrate social media into a campaign
  • Asset design, database management, and previews all on one screen
  • Simplified data handling, including data residing in third-party applications
  • Responsive design and multilanguage content management
  • Delivery of optimized, print-ready PDFs
  • Automated campaign management with measurement, tracking, analytics, and
    reporting capabilities

DirectSmile Cross Media is an open, extensible system that can also support custom coding. With APIs users can connect to third party solutions such as CRM for a cross-organizational, highly integrated solution. "EFI DirectSmile is a business enablement solution. With this tool they have repositioned themselves as a part of the business strategy," one judge emphasized, "and allowed print professionals to create significant value."

While many of these capabilities exist in other solutions, DirectSmile Cross Media is unique in its incorporation of all of them in a single, unified, all-in-one solution that makes it easier for printers to enter and successfully execute a strong, profitable marketing service that generates greater consumer loyalty.

Several optional models are available with DirectSmile Cross Media for added functionality and integration:

  • Cookie Tracking and Lead Scoring. This module gives users the ability to turn any website that is built with DirectSmile Cross Media into and Inbound Marketing platform with the ability to capture all website visitors, track, and score activities.
  • CRM Integration. This module keeps data consistent, so users never lose the results of a marketing campaign. With CRM integration all results from cross-media campaigns are automatically written back to a user's CRM. Users can purchase out-of-the-box CRM connectors for Salesforce.com and MS Dynamics. Programmers or system integrators can also connect other CRM systems using a Data-Interface API available from EFI.

"It's an awesome tool," another judge commented. "This is exactly the type of interconnectivity we seek. For years printers have been removed from marketing campaign conversations. DirectSmile credentials them in a way that goes beyond the trade and repositions them as valuable partners."

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