Dynamic Extended Color Gamut (ECG) Conversion Software Bundle for Packaging

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Dynamic Extended Color Gamut (ECG) Conversion Software Bundle for Packaging


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GMG Dynamic Extended Color Gamut (ECG) conversion software bundle for packaging allows manufacturers to covert graphics from custom spot colors to ECG with better results and lower cost. While several of the four primary software solutions were available individually, the software bundle provides all of the needed products in one suite, making ECG easier to implement into the workflow. The Hybrid PACKZ separates PDF or Adobe Illustrator files into ECG separations in anywhere from two to ten colors. It converts PDFs into ECG colors while providing other prepress tools needed for ECG color separations. The GMG OpenColor technology uses spectral prediction technology to convert spectral ink libraries to create color-accurate proofs and ECG separations in a simplified way. Additionally, GMG OpenColor allows for a centralized profile creation and management. The CMG ColorPlugin adds impressive packaging retouching tools to Adobe Photoshop, and the GMC ColorProof provides proofing technology. Overall, the software package helps printers overcome past ECG complexities and gives them a better way to satisfy packaging customers.

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