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Documobi Fuse allows all types of printed media, new or old, to become a real-time digital interface between brand and customer, creating data-driven, uniquely personalized mobile content within a brand-controlled environment.

Through this platform brands can now ensure a unified, inbound customer experience irrespective of the type of printed material or when it was printed, without changing any normal creative or printing production processes. The existing brand app (with Documobi's Patented intelligent print recognition technology integrated via a simple SDK) can enhance and add value to direct mail, flyers, packaging, labels, press ads, floor graphics, fabrics, point-of-sale displays, outdoor advertising, photos, books, paintings, signage, vehicle wraps, and any other printed marketing collateral.

Because the technology is simply a button embedded inside the brand's own app, it means there is no separate app to download (except, of course, for new users). Upon scanning, data is fed in real time into a marketing automation engine which generates dynamic mobile HTML pages. This can, for example, change the offer a customer receives based on the weather in the location and time that the scan takes place. Or it can pre-populate a mobile order form based on who you are.

To help PSPs make money, Documobi Fuse has an open API and already integrates with XMPie, GMC Inspire, MindFire, and EFI DirectSmile, offering a dynamic mobile front end that puts print back in the driver's seat of multichannel communications.

Documobi Fuse takes print to an entirely new level of personalization, resulting in greater and more meaningful connections between brand and customer. Through the profiling of user behaviour over time, brands can customize and target their dialogue with each individual user on their mobile phone or tablet, an absolute priority for all marketers.

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