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ColorLogic ColorAnt 4.0


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ColorAnt 4.0 is an open solution developed to combat a scope of inaccurate ICC profiles stemming from problematic measurement data. It is essential that profiles are based on the most accurate measurement data, and with ColorAnt's wide range of tools covering most tasks around creating, analyzing, and optimizing measurement data, high quality profiles are possible. ColorAnt can be used to create targeted measurement charts for various printing specifications including inkjet, offset, flexo, and industrial printing. ColorAnt supports industry standards such as CxF, G7, ISO 20654, and ISO 13655, and addresses specific sectors such as expanded gamut printing, packaging printing, and industrial inkjet printing.

Judges lauded ColorAnt's ability to edit primary colors without the need to go back on press to print another test chart (particularly important in packaging), make corrections based on G7 and industry standards, and support all of the popular measurement devices. It incorporates spectral measurement data optimization to address redundant patches, correct measurement errors using neighboring colors, and apply smoothing with sophisticated algorithms. The software has been enhanced over the last four versions by combining different mathematical interpolation models.

ColorAnt can be used to intelligently average and combine several measurements together when required to significantly improve ICC profile quality. The ColorAnt "Auto" mode allows users to efficiently automate the profile process by simply loading the measurement data file and clicking the Auto button. Once processing is complete, the "Viewing" option will show each process that was applied to the measurement data. ColorAnt 4.0 includes several other specialized functions. "Edit Primaries" enables users to add, remove, or exchange process colors of an existing measured test chart by simulating the change in process colors using a color model to reflect properties of the output process. "Tone Value" adapts measurement data to a print standard so that the generated profile reflects the print process in the best way possible, while "Rescale" allows users to place several sets of colors on one page, measure and average them, and then create a full-sized test chart such as ECI2002 or IT8/7-4.

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