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ColorCert: X-Rite Edition



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ColorCert: X-Rite Edition is a Cloud-based Standardscompliant and specifications management solution. It delivers statistical process control for defining, monitoring, and communicating production quality, across the plant or around the globe. With ColorCert enables users to:

  • Define and monitor color workflow processes
  • Create color standards and define tolerances and equations
  • Flag color quality issues early in the production process
  • Improve productivity and reduce waste by minimizing time spent optimizing color on press
  • Monitor and communicate results with an online dashboard
  • Consistently meet customer-specified color quality requirements
  • Virtually eliminate the need for on-site press checks and reduce the amount of time required for production meetings

Whether a business is single-site or multi-site, growing or consolidating, ColorCert ensures that color quality processes are performing to expectations.

ColorCert is comprised of a choice of modules to meet specific industry and business requirements for both printers and their brand owner customers. These include:

  • ColorCert Manager. A software package providing immediate access to color data in any type of print manufacturing facility.
  • ColorCert ScoreCard Server. For tracking performance across the plant or across a base of suppliers, with data presented in an intuitive dashboard. Production results are fed into the scorecard and are accessible in real time.
  • ColorCert Manager. This works with the ScoreCard Server to deliver feature-rich solutions to manage closed-loop color reporting.
  • ColorCert Client. An entry-level solution enabling real-time reporting of color quality characteristics to the ScoreCard Server.

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