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ChromaChecker Corp.

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ChromaChecker heralds a new category of software that its developer calls a Color Conformance Platform (CCP). As a CCP, ChromaChecker enables printers to quantify and establish their own level of color quality capability, quantify their customers' color expectations, and knowingly create sellable goods that meet those expectations. ChromaChecker's architecture was conceptualized and designed in a print manufacturing framework. This framework presents a production line overview, providing numeric and graphical reporting on key variables in the print process. This CCP allows a printer to establish and maintain expected color tolerances on every device, and over time, on any substrate. A printer can even assess G7 conformance and iterate a G7 curve, on the fly, eliminating costly dedicated print runs. ChromaChecker empowers printers to transition from a "break fix" mindset to a "proactive/predictive analysis" methodology. It is cloud-based technology that is affordable, secure, highly scalable, and can integrate with virtually any installed software and hardware. Users realize an ROI by reducing spoilage and makeready time and waste.

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