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Aleyant Pressero is a Cloud-based Web-to-print software as a service (SaaS) used by print service providers (PSPs) to create and manage one or more B2B and B2C storefronts. The storefronts are used by the PSP's customers to place orders for standard "off-the-shelf" items? specify, price and order custom print jobs from user supplied files? provide online design, proofing, and file generation (including VDP from xls and CSV files) via product templates? and to order from inventory. The online storefronts can be customized (branding, URL, look and feel, product catalog, pricing, shipping and payment and approval options) by the PSP to meet individual client or market segment needs.

Of course, print buyers today reflect the general marketplace's embrace of mobile devices. Those PSPs who are monitoring inbound Web traffic are seeing a growing increase in visitors using tablets and smartphones. As a result, Aleyant added html online design capability four years ago. Storefronts built with Pressero use responsive design both to ensure proper display, regardless of the viewing device being used by the print buyer, as well as the adoption of finger input on mobile devices rather than mouse input. Responsive design is not just for the W2P storefronts, but also for the PSP's Pressero backend admin controls.

In addition to the embrace of mobile for Web-to-print, Aleyant has placed an equally strong emphasis on leveraging its existing workflow integration with third-party software systems, employing a "works with everyone" philosophy. The goal is to enable PSPs to pick and choose best-of-breed systems that can communicate and work cooperatively within a larger prepress, production, and accounting ecosystem.

Aleyant Pressero acts as the front end, connecting to other systems by API or via a dedicated prepress software system called Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI). While the API can be used by other systems to directly access the Aleyant Pressero server to both pull and push data, AWI is dedicated to auto-delivering jobs and JDF and XML metadata files from the Cloud-based storefronts into a hot folder system in prepress, and watched by other vendor systems.

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