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Applications and Adoption Rate

High-speed inkjet--Examine where high-speed inkjet is successfully being used in various market segments. Learn all about the current statistics that include adoption rates and future purchasing decisions within the commercial print market.


Investing in High-Speed Inkjet: What You Need to Know

Investing in high-speed inkjet requires a great deal of research, so what key things should you be testing before you invest? Uncover the important questions you should be asking yourself and your vendor, get recommendations for product testing, hear about successes and challenges with new installations.


Calculating Ownership Costs and ROI

When it comes to calculating ROI there are the obvious costs (equipment, consumables, etc.)--but what hidden costs? Understand the analysis required to determine the financial viability of an inkjet investment and the underlying costs that you may have not considered.


Evaluating Technology and Format Choices

With the plethora of high-speed inkjet choices available, which has the best features suited for your application? Learn all about the technology choices--everything from format to sheet size, inkjet heads to substrate capabilities--to help you make a more informed decision.


Substrates and Ink

Will any paper do the job, or will you need pre-treated paper? What about non-traditional substrates? Get up to speed on paper selection, ink compatibility, and cost considerations. Also covered are the differences in ink costs, availability, consumption, and performance.


Enhancing Print with Inkjet

Integrating decorative finishing effects penetrates new markets, expands business, and adds value. Learn all about the business justification and profit potential of these solutions, along with the options available to make it happen.


Operational Considerations

This video is all about operations--things like staff skill requirements, crew size, maintenance processes and expected downtime. Learn from a panel of experts that will provide insight to these very important points--and more!


Transitioning Work to Your New Inkjet Press

With a high-speed inkjet solution, there's ramp up when it comes to marketing and sales. Learn what's realistic from a business standpoint--and what to expect--in the first weeks and months of implementing your inkjet press completely into your operation.


Finishing Work

How are you going to finish those beautiful sheets you've just printed on your high-speed inkjet press? Will there be additional equipment needed to support this new equipment? Learn all about finishing--Including in-line and near line options.

Case Studies

View the case studies below to hear from seven printers who have taken the plunge into production inkjet.


Cohber Case Study

Located in metro Rochester, Cohber installed the AccurioJet KM-1 Inkjet Press from Konica Minolta in 2016.


Heeter Case Study

In 2015, Heeter, located near Pittsburgh, PA, installed a Ricoh Pro VC60000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer.


Henry Wurst, Inc. Case Study

In their Kansas City location, Henry Wurst, Inc. installed a Xerox Rialto 900 roll-to-sheet inkjet press in 2016.


Bennett Graphics Case Study

In 2016, the Scodix UltraPro with Foil was added to the product solution lineup at Bennett Graphics.


Allied Case Study

Based in Ferndale, MI, Allied installed the HP Web Press T300 Color inkjet press in 2015.


Admail West Case Study

In 2017, Admail West in Sacramento, CA installed the Screen Truepress Jet520HD press.


Pocket Folders Fast Case Study

Pocket Folders Fast, located in Omaha NE, installed the Fujifilm J Press 720S inkjet press.




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