Webinar: Illuminating Advancements in LED Lighting

Webinar: Illuminating Advancements in LED Lighting

How color "looks" is all about the lighting. The adoption of LED lighting is occurring at an unprecedented rate throughout all phases of workflow--ultimately beginning and ending with consumers. The pace of change in LED lighting standards is also behind the rate of commercialization and adoption by both consumers and commercial users. James Summers will discuss the why this is relevant today, how it is evolving, and the impacts to participants throughout the market.

You Will Learn

  • How and why LED lighting is affecting your and your customers' businesses
  • Why LEDs are so different - from light quality to construction
  • The human-centric evolution of LED lighting
  • LED hype vs. reality - for ISO conforming color appraisals to warehouse lighting
  • How to embrace the change

Who Should Attend

  • Operations Managers
  • Prepress Professionals
  • Press Operators
  • Brand Managers
  • Designers
  • Anyone doing visual color assessments

Webinar Presenter

James Summers
Vice President
JUST Normlicht, Inc. & GL Optic