How to Evaluate and Communicate Color

How to Evaluate and Communicate Color

Being able to quickly and effectively evaluate color is critical--no matter what your role is in the print production process. Whether you're in prepress, in the pressroom, a CSR, or a sales rep, you need to be able to visually identify color problems and communicate them with accuracy to your internal and external customers. This course covers how to quickly and methodically evaluate color visually and communicate what you see using proper, precise color terminology--all with the goal of reducing rework and turnaround time.

Time to complete: 1 hour for the course and knowledge assessments.

You will learn:

  • Basic concepts for viewing color
  • Three ways color goes bad
  • How to communicate color effectively
  • How to visually evaluate color through examples

Joe Marin

Joe Marin
Printing Industries of America

Joe Marin is Vice President, Education and Training for Printing Industries of America. Joe is one of the industry's leading voices on digital technologies, including all things related to succeeding in a digital print environment. He is a veteran speaker at GRAPH EXPO and other venues on color management, PDF workflow, preparing print-ready files, web-to-print, and business-related issues. Joe also develops, presents, and consults on integrated print technologies such as augmented reality, mobile website development, and search engine optimization and marketing. Joe has developed custom training programs for major industry manufacturers and suppliers and managed both the NPES Teachers Update and Conference. He is the author of the Prepress Skills Training Program, Process Control Primer, Digital Prepress Primer, and co-author of The PDF Print Production Guide, all published by Printing Industries Press.

Prior to joining Printing Industries of America, Joe was a production solutions consultant with Konica Minolta, and in a former role, manager of training programs for PIA. Joe also worked in the prepress departments of several Pittsburgh-area printing companies. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Communications from California University of Pennsylvania.