CSP Certification


There are seven online lessons in the Customer Service Professional program. Click the titles below to learn more about each lesson.

Everyone can recognize good customer service when they see it, but it's the human interaction that makes it so unique because no two people interact or communicate the same way. This module provides an overview of the qualities and attitude required for customer service success.

The strategies for customer service success vary from one company to another. It often depends on the size, type, and complexity of work. This module explores various customer service models and strategies that companies use in the printing industry.

The customer service representative must be able to communicate accurate and timely information throughout the production process. Bridging the gap between production and the client, understanding workflow, and being able to "talk the talk" is key to solid communication.

More often than not, files sent for print production contain basic problems that prevent the job from moving forward. This module will expose the most common file problems and solutions, along with terminology and lingo, so that the CSR can better communicate these concepts to internal and external customers.

As more and more jobs are printed in color today than ever before, it's important for the CSR to be able to communicate color effectively to both internal and external customers. This module will explain proper color terminology, where and how color should be viewed, and how to communicate color correctly and accurately.

One goal of the CSR is to avoid having any dissatisfied clients, both internally and externally. With so many unique jobs in printing--along with a short manufacturing cycle--client dissatisfaction will happen from time to time. Learn how to deal with, properly react to, and resolve client issues when they arise.

The CSR is often the first line of contact with customers, and that first contact can influence customer perceptions. Representing your company begins with presenting yourself in a professional manner. Learn how appearance, grammar, and listening and writing skills are all keys to successful long-term customer relationships.