Advanced Sales Training

Advanced Sales Training FAQ

Who is this program for?

The Advanced Sales Training is specifically developed for print salespeople who want the fast track to next-level, high-profit sales.

What's included with the program?

Each course consists of eLearning courses, a companion workbook, and weekly, one-on-one sales coaching sessions.

There are two courses in Advanced Sales Training. Which course is best for me?

Advanced Sales Training offers two different course options: Developing Your Digital and Inkjet Sales Strategy and Maximizing Profits through Verticals. Each course is very different and accomplishes different goals. Compare each course and choose the one that's best for you. You can also contact us if you need more information.

How much does it cost?

Courses can be purchased by members at $499 in three monthly installments or $1497 as a one-time purchase. Non-members pay just $799 in three monthly installments or $2397 as a one-time purchase.

What are my purchase options for each course?

You can choose to purchase each course with three monthly installments or as a one-time purchase.

Why is 90 days a minimum requirement for each course?

Each course is a combination of eLearning, weekly coaching sessions, workbook assignments, and sales call requirements. 90 days is necessary to effectively cover all training requirements for a successful outcome.

Can I extend the training beyond the 90-day minimum requirement?

Absolutely! Some learners may need more time to complete the course, while others require additional coaching and reinforcement. 30-day extensions can be purchased for $499 for members and $799 for non-members.

How much time must be dedicated to each weekly session?

Approximately one hour per week. Each eLearning course module is about 30 minutes, and each coaching session is 30 minutes per week. This allows adequate time to cover the points for the week and add value to the quality of sales calls required for the course. On occasion, the need may arise to step that timeframe up or add a second call, but that's the exception. We want you to be successful!

There are two course authors. Who will be my sales coaching lead?

Bill Farquharson is the primary coach, unless are questions and points that arise where the learner would better benefit from Kelly Mallozzi's expertise.

Can I view the course offline or on my mobile device?

Absolutely! You can view the course on any Apple or Android mobile device. Best of all, via mobile, you can also download courses and view them offline. This document explains how.