Exams & Certificates

Examinations and Certificates for Sheetfed Offset, Web Offset, and Prepress Skills Trainees

Final Exam

At the conclusion of the web or sheetfed curriculums training, students can take a Comprehensive Examination ordered from and graded by Printing Industries of America. This exam takes questions from each task or subject area in the corresponding program. Students/Trainees who score an 80% or higher are provided a certificate showing that they have demonstrated the requisite operator knowledge. Any student who does not score an 80% or higher has the option of retaking the exam for an additional fee.

Certificates of Completion

One Printing Industries of America Certificate of Completion PDF will be awarded to each student/trainee who has met the following criteria for the Sheetfed, Web, and Prepress programs:

1. Completed the required coursework associated with the curriculum--i.e., all reading and study assignments and all laboratory/hands-on operations.

2. Passed the corresponding Final Exam with an 80% or higher.

Cost for administration, grading, and report preparation**

  • 1-24 exams: $55 each
  • 25+ exams: $45 each

To Purchase

These products are NOT available on our website and must be ordered via phone or email. To purchase, please contact our Member Central department at 412-741-6860 or via email at membercentral [at] printing.org.

*Please note: Printing Industries of America Curriculum certificates are designed to recognize successful completion of the Printing Industries of America programs and are in no way intended to replace or imply the national certification issued by the National Council for Print Industry Certifications (NCPIC). The objectives of the Printing Industries of America programs are, however, consistent with the standards and practices developed by the Council and are considered a method of preparation for its exams. If you're interested in national certification, contact Joe Lyman at jlyman [at] glga.info or 262-552-2210.