Digital Textile Printing Conference

The Digital Textile Printing Conference, co-sponsored by AATCC and PRINTING United Alliance, stands above all others in delivering valuable, relevant, cutting-edge content. Gain exposure and network within the digital textile printing community at this "must attend" textile printing event.

Driving Digital Textile Transformation … Go!

December 7–8, 2022 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, NC

The 2022 Digital Textile Printing Conference is now in its seventh consecutive year. Participants will learn and connect with leaders and innovators in the digital textile printing community. The event includes an educational program led by industry experts, as well as networking receptions, lunches, and an exhibitor space to explore new technology and products. The 2022 conference will explore a variety of topics including sustainability, color, finishing, garment and sewing technology, as well as an overall look at the industry. AATCC & PRINTING United Alliance members are eligible for discounted rates.


Dec. 07 2022
8:45 AM - 5:30 PM Day 1
  • Business Growth and DTG
    Victor Pena, Omniprint International
    Victor will look at trends in the industry and what companies are facing. He'll talk about engaging obstacles and how to overcome them.

  • Textile Industry Update: 2022 and Beyond
    Johnny Shell, Keypoint Intelligence
    In this presentation, Johnny will discuss the evolution and impact of digital printing in the textile industry, its commercialization as a viable platform, and some prominent trends.

  • Show Me the Color! New Spot Color Library Optimization
    Jim Raffel and Shelby Sapusek, ColorCasters, LLC
    In this lively presentation, we'll discuss the importance of named spot color management and, more specifically, what's involved in the new spot color optimization process for a color library like PANTONE® to a specific RIP and printer combination.

  • Sponsored Coffee and Donut Break
    (demonstration and networking opportunity)

  • Décor Print Story - a Conversation with Kerry King from Spoonflower
    DeeDee Davis, Décor Print
    Decor-Print specializes in printing wallpaper and textiles for the home, apparel, and craft applications. Hear about the creative opportunities that digital printing enables within the decor market and the technology and process challenges with meeting customer expectations.

  • Empowering the Print Community to Better Understand the Interior Design Industry
    Panel Discussion led by Adrienne Palmer, Big Picture Magazine
    Panelists: Michael Sanders, Digital Bias Consulting; Kathryn Sanders, Western Sensibility; and Alyssa McNamara, Shutterfly
    This panel session with Q&A will discuss the four topics discussed during the Interior Decor and Textiles Webinar Series: Bridging the Gap Between Commercial Peel-and-Stick Wall Graphics & Professional Home Decor. The four topics are technology, language between printer and designer, industry standards and certifications, and finishing.
  • Networking Lunch and Learn (Sponsored Lunch)

  • On Demand Direct Print
    Steven Amitai, Greentex America
    Steven's passion for sustainability (process/water and people) comes through in this presentation. He will talk about the opportunities micro-factories bring to areas that will benefit from employment and earning living wages.

  • Digital Product Passports
    Lily Hogan, Toxnot
    Textile printing in home decor and commercial interior space is proliferating. Lily will talk about Digital Product Passports and how they can help with sustainability, compliance, and end-of-life reporting for companies.

  • Afternoon Networking Break

  • How to Formulate Pigment Inkjet inks for Fashion and Apparel Applications
    Scott Donovan, DuPont Industries
    Formulating pigment inkjet inks requires balancing the requirements of the printed image, the fabric or garment substrate, and the printing process while factoring in business viability and ensuring sustainable products and processes. Learn how DuPont uses more than 30 years of experience in water-based pigment inkjet printing to choose, text, develop and commercialize innovative inkjet inks to enable the textile industry's transition to digital printing and a more sustainable printing process.

  • Computer to Screen (CTS) Applications for Garment Printing
    Dr. Carl Blue, Clemson University
    The goal was to research a comparable CTS system to conventional processes with little loss of quality. Now students can image a screen in less than 10 minutes and print their graphics within a single lab. Reducing time and the shortened process allows students to explore and innovate their projects and capabilities. Learn from the best practices that will be shared in this presentation.

  • Sponsored Networking Reception

Dec. 08 2022
8:45 AM - 1:30 PM Day 2
  • Digital Textile Printing as an Artistic Medium
    Kathryn Sanders, Western Sensibility
    This session aims to shift our focus from examining digital textile printing technology as purely a tool to valuing technology as an artistic practice - a way to create, express, and innovate. You'll learn a new way to talk and think about digital textile printing technology that resonates with contemporary artists and designers.

  • Performing Color Process Control in Digital Textile Printing
    Viktor Lazzeri, Barbieri electronic
    Process control is a must in many industries and applications. In this session, we cover industry standards on color process control in digital printing, challenges and practical solutions, and how measurement technology plays a vital role in establishing a best-performing color process control workflow.

  • TextileRGB (Fogra 58): The Overarching Digital Textile Working Space
    Joe Tschudi, Tschudi Software
    Joe will share his perspective on the value of TextileRGB vs. AdobeRGB or sRGB. He'll explain how it improves predictability for designers and printers for better color correspondence between printers, substrates, and ink sets.

  • Networking Coffee Break

  • LED Lighting & Color Matching – How Textile Companies Are Dealing With the Revolution
    James Summers, JUST Normlicht
    With the 2023 EU ban on fluorescent tubes, the switch to LED light sources is rapidly impacting participants. This presentation discusses how these changes impact color, who the drivers and decision-makers are behind these changes, and what companies are doing to incorporate these changes into their workflows, supply chains, and decision processes.

  • Advancements in Digital Textile Manufacturing
    Frank Henderson, Henderson Sewing
    Robotics and automation in sewing are paving an intelligent and innovative way for the future in a world where disruption is coming from the bottom up: supply chains are fragile, customers are demanding more innovation than ever, employee skill gaps are widening, and the need for more sustainable products has never been higher.

  • How to Get the Best Fitting Apparel Using Today/Tomorrow Technologies (Remote Presentation)
    Daniel Watts, Pattern Room Sales Pty Ltd.
    Getting a good and consistent fit across different apparel styles is a headache for many. Still, with the proper knowledge, you can use new technology to remove this variable and open the door to new opportunities to start or expand your printed apparel offering.

  • Networking Lunch

  • Adjourn Conference