Press Simulators

Press training simulation software remarkably recreates press operations, even to the extent of printing specific jobs. Schools and companies use the software as a practice press to expose trainees to a variety of printing conditions and problems. It provides an interactive, "hands on" component to a training class, and can also be used to assess an individual's skill level.


Printing Industries of America offers two types of simulation software:

We can also discuss similar software for gravure and flexographic press operation.

SheetSim-SHOTS (Sheetfed Offset Training Simulator) mimics sheetfed operations, from the feeder through delivery, while WebSim-Heatset recreates the operational aspects of a heatset web press, from the reelstand to folder. The process is so effective that many users feel that they are "virtually printing." The only difference is that there are no paper, ink, or press costs.

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