What Else Can a RIP Do?

Written October 16, 2019

RIPs add color management and other workflow functionalities:

  • All RIPs support ICC profiles and many have  color-management software built in or added on as a module.
  • Ability to print to more than one printer at a time
  • Ink limiting and linearization can be setup for each output device
  • RIPs can treat inkjet printers with 4 or more inks, as a CMYK device.
  • ICC profiles created for a CMYK printer by the RIP can be used for soft proofing in Photoshop, increasing workflow efficiency and the ability to modify or edit files in real time.
  • Support for device links: A device link typically gives you a bit more control over how the transform is performed. Things like rendering intent, pure channel integrity, black point compensation, etc. can all be built directly into the device link profile.
  • The majority of RIP packages support layout and nesting, contour cutting, and the ability to drive routers and cutters.
  • Cost reporting and software ties to job tracking software