Thermal Inkjet-Drop Formation Technology

Written October 16, 2019

The basic premise of thermal inkjet is phase change of a liquid. The ink is boiled by an electrically heated miniature pad, creating a bubble, which displaces ink in the nozzle chamber, forcing out droplets at the heads operating frequency in Khz. (Kilo hertz) Because the ink is held in place by a slight negative pressure, the boiling creates a positive pressure in the nozzle chamber. pumping out droplets. The collapsing bubble then creates a negative pressure allowing for ink to flow into the head structure. The action of boiling has an adverse effect on the heating pad (cavitation) which creates pits and deformities on the pad itself.  This action continues until the pad fails to boil ink effectively.

  • Heat creates a bubble inside the ink chamber, displacing the ink and ejecting a droplet
  • Limited variety of liquids
  • Aqueous based inks
    • Dyes
    • Pigments
  • Heating effect causes head failure
  • Made to be replaced