Tensioning Fabric - Staged Method on Pneumatic Stretching System

Written October 17, 2019

1.0 Task: Tensioning Fabric – Staged Method 2.0 Job Area: Screen Room 3.0 Tools and Equipment:
  • Prepared tensioning system
  • Timer
  • Tension meter
4.0 Instruction: NOTE: Mesh and frame should be properly inserted into the tensioning device, and corners should be softened an appropriate amount before beginning.
4.1 Tension the warp and weft directions to 1/ 2 desired target tension value. NOTE: Monitor tension with a tension meter.  
4.2 Allow the fabric to sit for 1 minute.
4.3 Increase the tension 2 to 4 N/cm in both directions.
4.4 Allow the fabric to sit for 1 minute.
4.5 Repeat steps 4.3 and 4.4 until desired tension is reached.
4.6 Pneumatic Systems: Let the mesh sit for 30 minutes. Mechanical Systems: Let the mesh sit for 15 minutes. Retension back to target tension. Wait an additional 15 minutes. Retension to target tension.
4.7 Verify tension is uniform on entire frame with a tension meter.