Six Great Reasons to Choose a PDAA Master Certified Installer

Written October 16, 2019

Certified for All Installation Jobs

PDAA Master Certified Installers are experienced with all types of graphic installations, including walls and flat surfaces, glass, curved surfaces, and complex curved surfaces including vehicle wraps.

Proficiency-Tested Professionals

Within PDAA's certification process, Master Certified Installers undergo rigorous proficiency testing to verify that they possess the skills needed to meet or surpass client expectations.

Get the Job Done Right

Often, installation is the critical, final step in the long process between starting a graphics project and satisfying the client. Failure to use a qualified PDAA Master Certified Installer can put the whole job in jeopardy.

Diverse Product Experience

PDAA Master Certified Installers have a wide range of experience and have the experience they need to use the materials of any major pressure-sensitive vinyl manufacturer. This gives you a broader choice of materials.

Build Your National Network

By using PDAA Master Certified Installers to build your own national network, you can expand the reach of your graphics business from local to regional or even national. You print and ship, they install!

No More Fly-By-Night Installers

PDAA Master Certified Installers are all members of PDAA, the premier community for graphics installation professionals. PDAA members are strongly committed to raising the reliability and professionalism of the graphics installation industry.  To start your search for a PDAA Master Certified Installer, visit PDAA's Find an Installer Search, or used PDAA's Graphics Installation Bid Creator.