RIP Topologies

Written October 16, 2019

A RIP can be set up to off-load printing from the main computer to another one dedicated for use as a print server or spooler. RIPS can be used in a direct connection mode via USB typically, or use a TCP/IP connection if the printer has an ethernet port. RIPs can also send print data to multiple printers simultaneously, although this might slow down printing or degrade the computers ability to rip. or generate raster print files. A networked spooler computer sits next to the connected printer.

The RIP server will generate the raster print file and send the print data to the print queue computer. That computers sole purpose is to send uninterrupted print data to the connected printer. Networks for graphics applications and RIP printer data should be isolated from the rest of the building if possible. This will aid in throughput and reduce the bottleneck of internet traffic.