Plotters and Printers

Written October 16, 2019

Plotters and Printers

If you’re going to create vinyl-decorated fleet markings, you’ll need a commercial grade plotter with good tracking. There are many such plotters in the marketplace with varying widths and feature sets. These are ideal because of their precision and media handling.

Most entry-level plotters are fine for small decals, but don’t cut accurately beyond 8-10 feet. Ask about tracking before you choose a plotter for fleet making, to ensure that it will deliver accuracy for the lengths you require. The cutters are good for producing custom pinstripes, decals and other designs that are either overlaid or placed onto a vehicle for decoration or informational purposes.

Types of Applications

Virtually any type of transportation is fair game for applied graphics. Buses, vehicles of any type, boats, ATV, planes, semis, tractor-trailers, just about anything that can move on a road, can get a graphic applied to it. There are many variations to graphics applications varying from, applied lettering and cut vinyl designs, to mixed cut vinyl with printed graphics, partial car wraps and full vehicle coverage.