Written October 16, 2019

Narrowcasting, in the form of networked digital display systems and in-store TV, is the most important new medium for visual merchandising and point-of-purchase advertising. This new dynamic visual messaging medium is based on rapidly developing technologies that offer unique capabilities and economics.

Narrowcasting technologies and networks are changing how brand managers and retailers can reach and interact with customers. This new channel arrives at an opportune time, as the effectiveness of traditional broadcast TV advertising continues to erode. Narrowcasting enables companies to:

  • Reach customers in the actual retail store with highly focused value-added content and promotional information on available products
  • Specify the time of day, level of store traffic, store location or other metrics for delivery of promotional messages 
  • Centrally manage, update and distribute content in real-time
  • Enhance brand and visual merchandising by shifting from traditional static signage to dynamic networked displays in malls, buildings, along highways or in other public places