Mounting Media

Written October 16, 2019

Foamboard Category

Lightweight boards from 1/8" to 3/4" thick. Styrene foam center with clay-coated paper or plastic surface liners in a variety of finishes. The thickness of the surface liner is as important as the foam density in terms of overall board density. Compatible with most adhesives, but is not water-resistant (except those with plastic surface liners}. Tendency to warp when used for single-sided mounting jobs. Best for: dry mounting, framing, short-to-mid-term indoor signs and displays. Brand names include: Bienfang, Fome-Cor, Foam-X, JetMount, Kapa and RynoBoard

Gatorfoam Category

The leading brand of heavy-duty foam core boards. Has a much heavier Kraft veneer paperboard liner and is more water-resistant. The board is tougher and more warp resistant than foam board in general, but the edges chip easily when banged. The rough surface requires preparation prior to mounting. Available in off white and black. 

Best for
: Interior signs, displays and exhibits
Brand names include: Gatorfoam (Luxcell surface); Also GatorPlast, DuraPlast and Ultra Board with plastic surface liners.

Expanded PVC

Sintra is Alcan's well-known brand name of moderately expanded PVC sheets, which are available in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm. This substrate is all plastic, with a nice matte finish for upscale mounting jobs. However, expanded PVC boards are porous, and therefore not waterproof. They freeze and become brittle oudoors. In thicknesses of 3mm and over, it is stiff enough for smaller sizes, but becomes more flexible as sizes increase. The various brands are available in colors.

Best for:
Interior signs, trade show exhibits, displays, specialty graphics, POP
Brand names include: Gatorfoam (Luxcell surface); Also GatorPlast, DuraPlast and Ultra Board with plastic surface liners.


Clear plastic panels in thicknesses from 1/16" to 1/2", generally used for backlight applications. Graphics are often face-mounted to these substrates.

Best for: Interior backlit, window displays
Brand names include: Plexiglass



Thin commmodity sheet; lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive.

Best for
: transit graphics, outdoor signs, sign frame inserts, curved or conformable signs.


Coroplast Co's brand name for leading fluted polypropylene board. Looks like plastic corrugated paper. Inexpensive, not smooth and tough to cut.

Best for: Transit and real estate signs
Brand names include: Coroplast


Smooth finished masonite wood panels

Best for
: General mounting where substrate won't show